A Better Way

BFC solves all of these problems (and more) by offering the aDAPt software, which:

Capacity Management

Do you have dedicated Capacity Planning Team, Running Daily Scripts. Not any more.

Business Benefits:

  • Truly Capture unused Capacity
  • Eliminated Chaotic Scripts
  • Add Custom fields
  • Accurately Track Temp Storage
  • Save Storage purchase reduction
  • Capacity Utilization optimize

Performance Management

No more Thresholds, No more chaotic alerts. We catch all anomalies what humans can’t catch.

Business Benefits:

  • Realtime streaming
  • Detect all types of anomalies
  • Know your Baseline
  • Be Confident on adding Workload
  • Compare Workloads
  • Multi array Reports for Consolidation

Chargeback Management

Chargeback can be chalenginng in many organizations with Complex Scripts and Excel Sheets. We bring Simplicity to Chargeback Management.

Business Benefits:

  • Custom ChargeBack profile
  • Import Excel/CSV features
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Built-in Invoice
  • Custom fields
  • Multi Tenancy Support

Fabric Management

Whether you have FC, FCOE, iSCSi, FCIP switches and routers, Slow Drain issues is a challenge. Not any more we do it all and manage.

Business Benefits:

  • Multi protocol support
  • Slow Drain Detection algorithm
  • RCA Reports Built-in
  • Define Standards for performance
  • Native NPIV Support
  • Track ISL Traffic out of the Box

Replication Management

Whether in-Country in-System, Long distance or off Country Continuity of Business or DR We have it all Covered.

Business Benefits:

  • Holistic View of DR infrastructure
  • Track Real time RPO
  • Track pain Status Realtime
  • Insystem, Snaphshot, BCV, SI Support
  • SAN, NAS, Object Storage Support
  • Accurate Management/Audit Report

Disk Management

We do End to End Storage Life Cycle Management from Roll-in to Decommissioning of array.

Business Benefits:

  • Track Roll in – Roll out o Systems
  • Track warranty/maintenance Exposure
  • Built-in Disk provisioning Ticketing System
  • Third party Ticketing System integration
  • Automated provisioning Scripts
  • AI Driver Decision making Algorithm

Migration Management

Gain control of all your global tech refresh whether SAN, NAS, Object, Fabric or Cloud all under one roof.

Business Benefits:

  • Global Migration dashboard
  • Accurately Track migration
  • Custom workflow
  • Multi project management
  • Multi user support
  • Automated Source and Target discovery

Configuration Management

Whether you have SAN, NAS, Object, Fabric, Cloud, iSCBi or FCOE, we have all covered.

Business Benefits:

  • Global inventory in one URL
  • Configuration Audit on demand
  • Cookie cutter Standard Configuration
  • Global Audit Trail
  • Custom columns, fields
  • Accurate Configuration or demand

Cloud Management

You have your Multi Billion Dollar assets in AWS, Azme, GCP and some on premise. We have it all Covered.

Business Benefits:

  • Multi Cloud Support
  • Supports on premise Cloud
  • One URL, holistic View
  • Cloud Billing optimization
  • Self Service Dashboards
  • Native ChargeBack Support